Friday, December 4, 2009

Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War or Culinaria Spain

Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War: Authentic Accounts of the Strange and Unexplained

Author: Christopher K Coleman

In the many strange stories of the American Civil War that don't appear in any history books, ghost soldiers haunt long-forgotten battlefields, phantom drummer boys rap out audible rhythms on invisible drums, and the spirits of executed abolitionists still pursue their righteous crusade.

You'll find these and other accounts of the shadowy side of the War Between the States in Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War, a compilation of unexplained phenomena rooted in history and as real as the numerous witnesses who have reported them. Like the war itself, these eerie descriptions of spirit sightings and ghostly reenactments involve people from all walks of life: soldiers and civilians, slaves and owners, celebrities and ordinary people.

Read about the disembodied voice that goaded Nat Turner to lead the slave uprising that some consider the first supernatural shot in the war. In the account of southern senator John C. Calhoun's abrupt decision to support the Union, you'll find out about a midnight visitation from the specter of George Washington and Calhoun's escape from the taint of treason in the afterlife. And the spirit of Abraham Lincoln looms large in reports of his premonition of his won death and in tales of the ghosts of his assassin, who still have not been laid to rest.

Even the most skeptical reader will agree that the past is not dead when it provides the lively accounts of uncanny experience that make up Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War.

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Culinaria Spain

Author: Marion Trutter

This book in the Culinaria series awakens the desire to discover Spain with all the senses. In 488 pages and over 1200 illustrations, it depicts the way that landscape, climate and diversity of cultures have shaped the cuisine of this richly varied country—from Alboraya in the Levante of eastern Spain to the northern city of Zaragoza, and from the ever-present garlic sauce aioli to the zamburiсa mussel. Features and information, and ideas from the brilliant to the bizarre reveal an extensive panorama of cultural and culinary traditions. A total of 202 recipes from every region promises pleasure for the tastebuds to accompany the food for thought of an inspiring read. Last but not least, Culinaria Spain contains a survey of all the important wine-regions of the country

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